Sets Collection    
Inlay Figures on Stands (set of 7)
Edward Beyuka (Zuni)
Wood stand, silver, coral, turquoise, jet, shell
Each 12-12.5 in. high
KMA 89.016.166a-g

Mosaic Inlay Katsina Figures (Set of 27)
Ida Poblano (Zuni lapidarist) and Mary Morgan (Navajo silverworker)
Silver, turquoise, shell, mother-of-pearl, coral, jet, abalone, pipestone, shell
no date
Dimensions vary; each figure approximately 3.5-4.0 in. high x 1.5-2.0 in. wide
KMA 89.016.193
Unknown Zuni Artist (lapidary), unknown Navajo artist (silverwork)
Desk set (letter box, letter opener, pen, pencil, desk calendar, cigarette lighter, blotter corners
Silver, turquoise, wood
Various dimensions
KMA 89.016.141a-h4
Eight Place Setting Silverware Set
Juanita Homer (Zuni lapidarist) and Chee Yazzie (Navajo silverworker)
Silver, turquoise
Dimensions vary; 110 pieces total
KMA 89.016.242