Sandra Quandelacy

Son of Ellen and Dixie Quandelacy, Sandra started carving as a child and then turned to jewelrymaking as an adult. Learning from her mother and father, she produced raised channel inlay work in the Quandelacy family style, often using the double hummingbird design that her mother originated. More recently, Sandra has returned to fetish carving, specializing in the corn maiden fetish, a form that her sister Faye created.

Sandra Quandelacy (Zuni)
Silver, turquoise
.875 in. x .875 in.
KMA 89.016.739
Sandra Quandelacy (Zuni)
Silver and turquoise
no date
1 in. diameter
KMA 89.016.681A & B
Corn Maiden
Sandra Quandelacy (Zuni)
2" x 7/8"
KMA 2007.29.01
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