Sarah Leekya

Sarah Leekya is the daughter of famous fetish carver Leekya Deyuse. When his children entered school, Leekya requested that they take his first name as their surname. All of his children (Alice, Sarah, Elizabeth, Robert and Roger) did so. Alice Leekya Homer and Sarah Leekya are known as fetish carvers, and their brothers Robert Leekya, Roger Leekya and sister Elizabeth Leekya became noted silversmiths. Sarah learned to carve by assisting her father in her adolescence. After her father's death, she started to producer her own fetishes in the family style. She specializes in bear, coyote, and wolf fetishes and also makes jewelry.

Wolf Fetish
Sarah Leekya (Zuni)
Zuni stone (Leekya rock)
1-1/4" x 2-3/8"
KMA 2006.09.01

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