Rosemary and Quincy Panteah

Rosemary and Quincy Panteah started making petit point jewelry in 1961 as a husband-and-wife team. Quincy was governor of Zuni Pueblo from 1982 to 1983. They marked their jewelry with R. Q. PANTEAH.

  Petit Point Linked Concha Belt
Rosemary Panteah (Zuni)
Turquoise, silver (1644 turquoise stones)
no date
36-13/16” long
KMA 89.016.46
Petit Point Bracelet
Rosemary Panteah (Zuni)
Silver, Morenci, turquoise
no date
2.5” in. wide x 2.7 in. high x 1.7 in. deep
KMA 89.016.47
Needlepoint Cufflinks
Rosemary Panteah (Zuni)
Silver, turquoise
no date
size n/a
KMA 89.016.1152A & B
Turquoise Petit Point Squash Necklace
Rosemary Panteah (Zuni)
Turquoise, hand-made silver beads
28.75 in. long
KMA 89.016.280

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