George Leekity and Lupeta Leekity (1942)

Lupeta Leekity is the daughter of Horace and Lupe Iule. Leekity and her husband George carry on her father's casting tradition. Both learned from Lupeta's father. Known for his mastery of silvercasting, Horace Iule was one of the first Zunis to produce the mythological Knife-Wing figure in silver. He is best known today for his castwork crosses. Lupeta worked with her father from age 13 on.

George and Lupeta still use her father's designs, casting new pieces from his originals. When they use Horace Iule's designs, they stamp "Iule" on them. George also does his own original designs and stamps "G & L Leekity" on them.

Lupeta's brothers, Barney and Phillip, and George and Lupeta's daughter Rosella also do castwork.

George and Lupeta Leekity (Zuni)
2.25 in. x 1.125 in.
KMA 89.016.627
George and Lupeta Leekity (Zuni)
Silver, Kingman turquoise
1.46 in. x 2.33 in.
KMA 89.016.540
George and Lupeta Leekity (Zuni)
Silver, turquoise
c. 1977
2.875 in. x 1.875 in.; 11.5 in. long
KMA 89.016.469
George and Lupeta Leekity (Zuni)
Silver, coral, leather
2.375 in. x 2 in.; 46 in. long
KMA 89.016.38
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