Directional Fetish Set Collection
Directional Fetish Set
Debra Gasper and Ray Tsethlakai (zuni)
Selenite, sinew, turqoise, shell, coral
Various Dimensions
KMA 2006.08.01A-F
Directional Healing Fetish Set
Andres Quandelacy
White Ivory Stone Calcite
Various Dimensions
KMA 2007.42.01
Directional Hunting Set
Lena Boone, Rosalie Lunasee, Pete and Dinah Gasper
Alabaster, Marble, Mother-of-pearl, coral, turquoise, Chrysoparse, serpentine, flourite, variscite, sugilite, pipestone, Zuni stone,
Various Dimensions
KMA 2007.43.01