Delvin Leekya

Delvin Leekya is the grandson of famous fetish carver Leekya Deyuse. When his children entered school, Leekya requested that they take his first name as their surname. All of his children (Alice, Sarah, Elizabeth, Robert, Francis, and Roger) did so.

Leekya Deyuse had six children with wife Juanita Cooeyate, many of whom have become well-known jewelers and/or carvers. Sons Francis, Robert and Rodger and daughters Sarah and Alice achieved recognition, as have many of their own children, including Delvin.

Bear Fetish
Delvin Leekya (Zuni)
Zuni stone (Leekya rock) or rock travertine
2" x 2-1/8"
KMA 2007.33.01

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