Debra Gasper and Ray Tsethlikai

Daughter of Pete and Dinah Gasper and granddaughter of Edna Leki, Debra Gasper collaborates with Ray Tsethlikai. Debra and Ray specialize in free-standing fetishes and fetish necklaces made in her family's tradition of old-style fetish carving. While they have retained traditional forms, they have experimented with a wide range of new materials. They often use silver dot inlay on their fetishes.

Necklace & Earrings
Ray Tsethlikai & Debra Gasper
Turquoise, silver, shell
32.5 in. long, pendant: 2.06 in.; earrings: 2.03 in. x .5 in. x .83in.
KMA 2007.50.01 & KMA 2007.50.01A
Directional Fetish Set
Debra Gasper and Ray Tsethlakai (zuni)
Selenite, sinew, turqoise, shell, coral
Various Dimensions
KMA 2006.08.01A-F
Fetish Necklace
Debra Gasper and Ray Tsethlakai (Zuni)
KMA 2004.14.01

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