Dickie Quandelacy and Amy Quandelacy

Husband-and-wife team Dickie and Amy Quandelacy began working together in the early 1970s. Dickie learned to make jewelry from his mother, Ellen Quandelacy; and he, in turn, taught Amy. The abstracted double hummingbird design for which Dickie and Amy have become known originated with Ellen. While the two no longer work together, both Dickie and Amy continue to use the design. Other Quandelacy family members also use the hummingbird design, but it is executed in a different style of jewelry.

Dickie and Amy's work is variously described as "raised solid inlay work" or "raised, carved, three-dimensional channel inlay." While still working together, Dickie typically did the silverwork, while Amy did the stonework. Their work was marked with D. & A. Q.

Amy and Dick Quandelacy (Zuni)
Turquoise and Coral Inlay Men’s Ring
turquoise and coral
KMA 89.016.1021
Amy and Dick Quandelacy (Zuni)
Gold and Sleeping Beauty turquoise
1 in. x 1 in.
KMA 89.016.1028
Dickie Quandelacy (Zuni)
Silver and Chinese turquoise
1 in. x 1 in.
KMA 89.016.1034

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