Bernard Homer, Sr. (1920-?)

Bernard Homer, Sr., who was married to Alice Homer, and Lambert Homer, who was married to Juanita Homer, worked closely with their wives, both of whom were daughters of Leekya Deyuse. Both Alice and Juanita, along with their sister Sarah Leekya, learned fetish carving from their father.
Bernard and Alice produced channel inlay through at least the 1950s. The silverwork on their pieces was often done by Navajo artisans. In the 1960s Alice began fetish carving, thus carrying on the art form for which her father became famous. Bernard and Alice's son Bernard Homer, Jr. and daughter Juana Homer, are both well-known Zuni artists.

Bernard Homer (Zuni lapidarist) and John Elliot (Navajo silverworker)
Rainbow God Inlay Necklace
silver, coral, turquoise, shell, jet
38 in. long
KMA 89.016.863
Bernard Homer, Sr. (Zuni)
Silver, coral
1 in. x .75 in.; 1.25 in. diameter
KMA 89.016.1026

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