Aaron Scheche ( ? - 2002) and Thelma Scheche

Thelma Scheche is the daughter of Theodore Kucate, who was one of the earliest commercial fetish carvers at Zuni. Kucate based his fetishes on those published in anthropologist Frank Hamilton Cushing's 1883 United States Bureau of Ethnology Report, Zuni Fetiches. His descendants have continued to carve in this traditional style.

Many of Aaron and Thelma's children and grandchildren have distinguished themselves as carvers. Daughter Lorandina Scheche and granddaughters Marnella Kucate and Trilisha Kucate are among the best known.

Aaron and Thelma Scheche (Zuni)
Turtle Fetish
Banded serpentine
c. 1975
3/4" x 2-3/8"
KMA 2006.21.01

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