Alex Jamon (c. 1989 - )

Alex Jamon is the son of Zuni silverworker Carlton Jamon and Julie Jumbo Jamon (Navajo). Carlton is best known for the silver bear fetish, an innovative form that he developed by adapting a common fetish form to the medium of silver. His silver bears with heartlines take the form of pins, pendants and stand-ins for stone fetishes on all-silver fetish necklaces and fetish pots.

Alex learned silverworking from his parents. His mother, who is the daughter of well-known Navajo weaver Julia Jumbo, learned the craft from Carlton, with whom she now collaborates. Carlton learned silverworking from his grandmother Cornelia Jamon who, in turn, learned from her mother Winnie Jamon.

Alex Jamon (Zuni)
Rainbow Man Fan
6.5 in. wide x 11.75 in. long
KMA 2004.13.01
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