Albert Banteah (1949- ) and Dolly Banteah

Dolly Banteah is the sister of Nancy Lasconsello and the daughter of Jacob Haloo. Both Nancy and Dolly learned the overlay inlay technique from their father and have continued to do it since 1970. Dolly works with her husband, Albert, doing most of the inlay and stone etching. Albert creates the designs for their work and Dolly does the stone work. They sign their work AD Banteah.
Albert and Dolly Banteah (Zuni)
Turquoise, coral, white shell, tortoise shell, wood?, leather
2.75 in x 2 in; 20 in length
KMA 89.016.905
Albert and Dolly Banteah (Zuni)
Belt buckle
Silver, coral, turquoise, shell, tortoise shell
2.75 in. x 2 in.
KMA 89.016.905.1
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