Ohio University

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October 26, 2017 - December 17, 2017 
East Galleries 2 & 3

Tactic II

Curated by Matthew Mitros

The exhibition Tactic II showcases the work of 22 artists representing a growing shift among contemporary ceramic artists in material sensibility as seen by the way non-clay materials are being integrated into their compositions. These non-clay components, in many cases, compositionally and conceptually support the ceramic elements rather than call attention to the difference of materials within the finished work. Artists on view are:

Sasha Alexandra   www.sashaalexandra.com    Rain Harris  www.rainharris.com   

Matt Mitros  www.mattmitros.com    John Byrd  www.johnbyrd.tv/info     Dylan Beck   www.dylanjbeck.com

Alex Hibbitt   www.alexhibbitt.com     Adams Puryear  www.adamspuryear.net

Bryan Czibesz   www.bryanczibesz.com    Tom Lauerman   www.tomlauerman.com    

Dennis Ritter  www.dennisritterclay.com     Ben DeMott   www.benjamindemott.org    

Linda Lopez   www.lindalopez.net      Amy Santoferraro   www.amysantoferraro.com

Virginia Eckinger   www.virginiaeckinger.com    Wade MacDonald   www.wfmceramics.com    

Keith Simpson   www.alfredceramics.com/simpson.html     Shannon Goff   www.shannongoff.info                      

Julie Malen   https://juliemalen.wordpress.com     Kyle Triplett   www.kyletriplett.com

Jason Hackett  www.ceramicsnow.org/jasonhackett     Matthew McConnell   www.mathewmcconnell.com          

Matt Ziemke  www.mattziemke.com     Brian Harper    www.brianharperstudio.com