Ohio University

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January 10, 2020 - March 22, 2020 
West Galleries

A prolific artist who spent most of his artistic career in New York, Burhan

Doğançay (1929-2013) rose to fame through his abstract “ribbon “paintings and

works devoted to urban walls. For him, walls were record-keepers of people, time,

and place. While many knew of his paintings, few realized the enormous photographic

archive that Doğançay created for himself and the ways in which his photographs

informed his vision of the world and humans’ place within the urban environment.

This exhibition, pulled from the artist’s personal archive of roughly 30,000 images

taken in more than 100 countries in a 40-year span, is a small reflection of that

artist’s output.


Picture the World: Burhan Doğançay as Photographer was originally curated in

2015 for the Doğançay Museum in Istanbul by the late renowned photographer and

filmmaker Sedat Pakay and is comprised of 99 black and white photographs divided into

three major themes: “Walls of the World”, “The Ironworkers & the Brooklyn

Bridge”, and “Parallels and Discrepancies”.


This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of Turkish Airlines, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles.