MCL — The OU Motor Control Lab

"Reaching Tasks such as ringing a doorbell, wiping a child's face or retrieving the morning paper are so common in our everyday experience that we rarely contemplate the complexity of such motor tasks or the variety of movement patterns that can be used to perform them." - Dr. James S. Thomas


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Participating in research is often a rewarding experience. Participation involves many activities and the experience can differ greatly among the various research studies. Research participants often express positive feelings about helping researchers find better treatments, advancing knowledge, contributing to moving science forward, helping patients, and possibly receiving treatment and getting additional care and attention.


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Using kinematic data collection systems to study planning and execution of coordinated human movements with special focus on back pain and virtual reality.

The Motor Control Lab examines the neurophysiologic mechanisms underpinning classic interventions in low back pain such as manipulation and mobilization (muscle energy) and looks to understand the mechanisms underlying movement-evoked pain.

Currently a significant focus is the role of Virtual and Augmented Reality interventions to shape motor behavior and reduce fear cognitions in back pain.