Common Questions
Lab Policies
To make the multimedia lab function efficiently for all users, the following rules have been established. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a loss of lab access. lab attendant.
  • Users are limited to working on class projects for Scripps College of Communication courses
  • Users may not install, modify or copy any software on the workstations. Desktop appearance should be returned to original state when user is finished. 
  • Users are responsible for archiving files their files to removable media. Any user is at a workstation can erase the Temporary Media drive while they are seated at the workstation
  • Temporary Media drives are erased regularly, both by users and by staff.
  • Users are not allowed to bring food or drink into the lab, except for bottled water, which must be kept sealed when not in use.
  • Users are not allowed to disconnect or remove any equipment or cables from the labs. All lab activity is monitored and recorded for both security and safety.
  • CD/DVD-R burning is limited to two copies per person per project
  • Duplication of copyrighted material is illegal and is prohibited in the mmlab.
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