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About the Lab
The Scripps Howard Multimedia Lab is designed to be teaching- and production-friendly.

During most of the day the labs are used for multimedia classes from the schools of Journalism, Telecommunications, and Visual Communication. Evening and weekend hours are used as open production time for students enrolled in Scripps College of Communication courses. (COMT, COMS, JOUR, TCOM, VICO).

Each workstation is equipped to perform multimedia production processes such as audio and video editing, photo editing, web site design, and interactive CD-ROM/DVD production. All computers are networked together with high speed Ethernet and FireWire connections to all input devices. All labs support wireless Internet for laptop computers.

The conference room is fully equipped for multimedia presentations and small group meetings utilizing a Mac G4 computer, DVD playback with surround sound, and a large screen projection system. Several student multimedia groups use the conference room for weekly meetings.

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