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emphasizes applied and empirical skills, and theoretical background. It is designed for professionals in financial services who desire to advance in the industry, combining economics, finance and accounting by focusing the practical skills needed by professionals in the financial sector.

Job opportunities may include working in bank trust departments, professional money management firms, brokerage firms, insurance companies, investment banks, or non-financial private corporations.

  • Classes meet on Saturdays and online at Ohio University Pickerington Center.
  • Expect to take two courses each semester.
  • All academic requirements can be completed in two years.
  • New cohorts begin in January for two years.
  • The program requires 52 credit hours: 20 in economics, 20 in finance,
    and 8 in accounting.

Highly focused, students learn to apply current conditions in broad-based economic markets to specific financial markets, it is designed for those who want to pursue careers in positions such as bond analyst, equity analyst, or investment portfolio manager.

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