"Improving the health status of underserved populations through sustainable and comprehensive research, service and educational initiatives related to infectious diseases."


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Check out our long standing 2017 summer programs Community-Based Tropical Disease Research in Ecuador. These are amazing opportunities to learn about yourself while learning about the world, while participating in multidisciplinary research and service learning activities. Deadline Feb 15, 2017.

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Center for Research on Health in Latin America (CISeAL) The Healthy Living Initiative Supporters of ITDI's Efforts

Public Health, Research and International Development Programs:

Tropical Disease Research Program in Ecuador.

Options 1 and 2: Community based – Tropical Disease Research - June 24th to July 8th or June 24th to July 15th , 2017

Option 3: Humanitarian Service Learning in Ecuador- June 17th to July 22nd, 2017

Option 4: Laboratory Research at CISeAL – Variable May 6th to August 19th, 2017 (Weekly Rate, Minimum 2 weeks)

Community and Public Health in Ecuador

Dates: TBA, 2018
Deadline: 2018


The CISeAL is a cooperative project between Catholic University of Ecuador and Ohio University.

CISeAL conducts intramural research training of undergraduate and graduate students, In addition, we offer periodic training courses to researchers, staff and students from other institutions in the Andean region, USA and Europe.

Our current facilities include biohazard level I and II laboratories, a fully functional insectary and a small animal facility.

Construction of a new building near Quito is in progress.


The “Healthy Living” project is a long-term initiative that aims to support socioeconomic development of rural communities as the main tool for the control of Chagas disease in the province of Loja in southern Ecuador.

With a holistic approach, this public health strategy looks to prevent the transmission of Chagas and other diseases “associated with poverty” by facilitating participatory processes of human development that are sustainable and sustained by the people involved.

ITDI mission is supported by external research grants from many institutions and individuals that include The National Institutes of Health (NIH), European Commission (FP7), Tropical Disease Research and Training Programme, World Health Organization (TDR/WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Institute for Research and Development (IRD France), the Ecuadorian Government, Children's Heartlink, PLAN Internacional Ecuador, among others.

Our efforts are also supported by the generous contributions of individuals via tax deductible donations to the OU Foundation.

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