Brian Clark

Brian Clark, PhD

Executive Director, OMNI; Professor, Physiology and Neuroscience; Harold E. Clybourne, D.O., Endowed Research Chair
Ohio Musculoskeletal & Neurological Institute
Principal Investigator
Irvine 236, Athens Campus

Clark is a professor of physiology and neuroscience in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, where he is the Harold E. Clybourne, D.O. Endowed Research Chair. He serves as the executive director of OMNI and holds an adjunct appointment in the Division of Geriatric Medicine. Clark is a translational physiologist whose overarching research goal is to develop effective and implementable interventions that increase muscle function (e.g., muscle strength, motor control, fatigue-resistance) and physical performance in older adults or patients of any age who have orthopedic and neurologic disabilities for preventative and rehabilitation medicine.

His work has heavily focused on the integration of exercise physiology, nutrition and pharmacologic interventions, and conservative therapies to improve the quality of life for the elderly as well as those with chronic and recurrent pain conditions.

Clark is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a standing member of the NIH's Motor Function, Speech and Rehabilitation (MFSR) Study Section. He has designed and carried out many integrative human physiology experiments as well as clinical trials involving healthy adults, elderly individuals, as well as those with selected musculoskeletal and neurological disorders (e.g., low back pain, post-stroke spasticity).

He has published extensively in the above-mentioned areas, having written more than 100 journal articles or book chapters and hundreds of abstracts. These publications have been published in journals such as  Current Opinions in Nutrition and Metabolic Care, Exercise and Sport Science Reviews, Experimental Gerontology, Journal of Applied Physiology, Journals of Gerontology Medical Sciences, Journal of Neurophysiology, PLoS One  and  Spine.

He has served as guest editor of several topic issues of selected journals, including Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, and is a reviewer for most of the major international medicine, physiology, neuroscience, exercise and gerontology journals.

He has also written invited chapters for several prestigious books, such as  Sarcopenia  (Wiley-Blackwell, Editors: John Morley and Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft), the first book published specifically on sarcopenia, and the chapter "Aging of the Muscles and Joints" in the 7th edition of  Hazzard's Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology  (McGraw-Hill), which is largely considered the most complete authoritative guide available on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the elderly.

Clark's work has been featured prominently in the media over the years, including outlets such as the New York Times, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, CBS Radio  and  Prevention Magazine. He has lectured widely, including invited presentations at dozens of national and international meetings.

His laboratory has held continuous funding from the National Institutes for more than a decade, and over the course of his career he has secured and managed more than $10 million in extramural grants.

To view his publications please link to PubMed. (Please note that there is more than one "BC Clark" referenced on MedLine, and as such, not all of the referenced articles were published by OMNI's Brian Clark.)