Hubs of Research and Discovery

Our researchers work in state-of-the art labs at Ohio University and elsewhere. This page showcases some of these facilities. In addition, OMNI has a partnership with the Department of Radiology at Holzer Health Systems in Athens that provides our scientists with access to its 3-Tesla MRI.

students using lab equipment

Motor Control Lab

Using kinematic data collection systems, m easures human motion and the forces it generates. The facility has several systems to measure human muscle activity to help researchers study how coordinated human movements are planned and executed.

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Leg being examined by researcher

Neuromuscular Biomechanics and Health Assessment Lab

Focuses on identifying mechanisms, risk factors and preventive solutions for musculoskeletal injury, with an emphasis on the lower extremity. This facility is designed for motion analysis of sports and daily activities and includes a 15’x15’ open space with a passive optical motion capture system to allow natural walking, running and jumping.

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patient getting an MRI

Clinical & Translational
Research Unit (CTRU)

The Clinical & Translational Research Unit is a centralized resource supporting Ohio University faculty, staff and students who conduct clinical research with human subjects.

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Hand holding cane

Integrative Muscle Physiology Lab

Focuses on identifying neuromuscular mechanisms that contribute to acute (i.e., fatigue) and chronic (i.e., aging) impairments in muscular function. The goal is to improve physical rehabilitation and wellness strategies for promoting physical function and performance in older adults, and/or patients with orthopedic and neurologic disabilities.

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