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Update on HCOM vaccination rates

Dear students and colleagues, 

Yesterday, you received an email from President Sherman regarding the university’s new COVID-19 vaccine requirement. I’m delighted to share that the Heritage College community is already well on its way to full compliance. 

As of today, I can verify that 92 percent of Heritage College students and 93 percent of Heritage College employees have been fully vaccinated. 

These numbers speak volumes about our community’s deep commitment to public health. And our organization is poised to take that commitment even further in the months ahead by hosting additional mass vaccination clinics in Heritage Hall and throughout southeast Ohio, using our mobile units.  

Mass vaccination clinics at Heritage Hall will be held during times of low student activities. We look forward to engaging student volunteers in this next round of clinics, the first of which will take place this Friday, Sept. 3, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  

I am so grateful to be part of a college community that is walking the walk and doing their part to protect the health and safety of our communities. Thank you for your continued vigilance!  

Ken Johnson, D.O.