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Why to Post

Our students, faculty, staff and alumni have the best insights into why it’s great to learn and work at the Heritage College. You also have news and information that’s important to celebrate. Let’s share that with prospective students, prospective faculty and staff, our alumni and each other!

How to Post

  • Students, faculty, staff and alumni can email or text their photos, videos and caption to
  • @OUHCOM staff will share the post within 24-48 hours. We will only lightly edit the text if we see typos, etc. We reserve the right to not post content that disregard HIPPA and FERPA requirements or that may be disagreeable to our community. We’ll send you an email if we’re not using your content, and we’ll explain why.
  • If your organization, office or program is interested in conducting a “takeover” of @OUHCOMlife for a special event or activity, please email us at We will contact you to discuss timelines and scheduling. We’ll work with you on turning posts around more quickly, if requested.

What to Post


  • Have fun! And keep it positive. Share photos, videos and small albums of “life at the college” insights, highlights from your day, achievements, recognition of others, more.
  • Tag people, places and ideas (#CARELEADSHERE) – and yourself!
  • Share international, national, state and local experiences.
  • Get release forms from people outside the college. People under 18 must have photo release forms signed by parents. Send all forms to A clear photo of the signed release form is fine.
  • Follow HIPPA and FERPA rules.
  • Please let your photo subjects know why you are taking the photo and ask if they’re OK with you posting to OUHCOMlife Instagram.


  • Share photos of cadavers. Or patients, standardized patients and kids, unless they’ve signed college release forms.
  • Share information that doesn’t somehow connect back to the Heritage College.
  • Share content that focuses on boozy revelry and tipsy shenanigans. Alcoholic drinks in photos might be OK.