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  • Heritage College faculty take to the podcasting airwaves

    Podcasting is filling up more and more of the world’s listening bandwidth, with shows discussing every conceivable topic. Alert to this trend, some Heritage College faculty members are using podcasts to enlighten listeners on important health care issues.

  • Pioneering faculty member looks back on four-decade legacy

    Over more than 40 years, Harold Thompson III, D.O., has earned a place in the history of both southeast Ohio and the Heritage College as an engaged community doctor, medical educator, pioneer of diversity and mentor to many future osteopathic physicians.

  • Open Book Project focuses on narrative medicine

    Faculty and staff from throughout our medical school and the Scripps College of Communication have developed the Open Book Project, a unique program grounded in narrative medicine that’s part of a larger movement to embrace diversity, cultivate inclusion and promote affiliation.

  • RUSP: Learning from and with rural and urban underserved communities

    Incoming students in our Rural and Urban Scholars Pathways program learned about health care needs and experiences in underserved areas of Ohio during a three-day community-based immersion experience.

  • Student group continues pursuit of art for medicine’s sake

    The Heritage College, Dublin, was only 1 year old when the Humanism in Medicine student group was launched there in 2015. Four years later, the group is still celebrating “the continuity of art and medicine."

  • Doctor Mike talks osteopathic medicine

    Mikhail Varshavski, D.O., better known in the social media world as Doctor Mike, spoke to a packed house at the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium about the need for physicians to raise their voices in the media.

  • Learning from Cuba

    A first-year medical student and a faculty member discuss lessons learned during a global health experience, where health professions students at Ohio University learned about health care in Cuba.

  • Behind the White Coat: A Night of Storytelling

    On a winter evening, more than 70 students, faculty and staff gathered in the OMM lab on the college's Athens campus to participate in “Behind the White Coat,” a storytelling event organized by students and inspired by “The Moth” Podcast.

  • Our new curriculum is all about that teamwork

    The Heritage College's innovative new Pathways to Health and Wellness curriculum, launched in the fall of 2018, demonstrates what medical training of the future looks like. 

  • Summer research experience allows student to create hope for cancer patients

    After a summer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a second-year medical student gains a fuller appreciation of how he can help translate new research findings into hope for young patients.

  • 40 Things to Know: We dance

    Since the early 1980s, the arrival of this annual event means it's time for students, faculty and staff to brush off the formal wear and join in the Nae Nae.

  • Meeting Ohio’s Healthcare Needs Against the Odds – Ohio University Medicine

    The college opened in 1976, thanks to a clear vision, persistence and a healthy dose of courage.