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Five years

Linda L. Ackerman, GME and CORE administrator

Karen R. Bailey, clinical dietician

Karen T. Coschigano, Ph.D., assistant professor of molecular biology

Stephen S. Davis, Ph.D., director of faculty development

Melinda Ford, D.O., assistant professor of family medicine

Jane Hamel-Lambert, Ph.D., assistant professor of family medicine

Tracy M. McKibben, administrative associate

Alan Meshekow, D.O., general surgery RPAC chairman

Barbara A. Nakanishi, clinicial dietician

Lynn C. Petrik, R.N., research nurse

Ryan C. Ridgley, research technician

Ronald J. Russ, D.O., CORE assistant dean

Philip A. Starr, D.O., CORE assistant dean

April D. Vale, administrative associate

10 years

Allison J. Batchelor, M.D., associate professor of geriatrics

Mark A. Berryman, Ph.D., associate professor of microanatomy

Eric R. Clift, telehealth operations manager

Kelly L. Gorscak, accounting associate

Mario J. Grijalva, Ph.D., associate professor of microbiology

Mark E. Loudin, multi-media producer/director

Esther M. McClain, administrative associate

Leanna M. Morgan, learning specialist

Angela M. Mowrer, Year 1 and 2 curricula coordinator

Felicia V. Nowak, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of endocrinology

Shigeru (Nick) Okada, Ph.D., assistant professor of pediatrics

Karen E. Peterson, communication designer

Jay H. Shubrook Jr., D.O., associate professor of family medicine

Jack D. Stewart, senior network engineer

Rebecca S. Vinson, accounting associate

D. Keith Watson, D.O., associate dean graduate medical education

15 years

William J. Burke, D.O., associate professor of family medicine

Rosemary S. Butcher, administrative coordinator

Janice R. Carrick, D.O., assistant professor of psychiatry

John D. Dehmann, office services technician

Ruth Ann Freeman, administrative assistant

Jack M. Ramey, D.O., associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology

Christopher Simpson, D.O., Ph.D., professor of family medicine

Martha A. Simpson, D.O., M.B.A., assistant professor of family medicine

Sarah A. Tipton, administrative coordinator

20 years

Robert R. Conatser, laboratory research associate

Calvin B. James, Ph.D., associate professor of virology

Donna Mabry, Ph.D., associate professor of family medicine


25 years

Kathy S. Brooks, M.Ed., chief financial officer

C. Thomas Clark, D.O., associate professor of pediatrics

David N. Stroh, D.O., associate professor of family medicine

Kathleen J. Trace, R.N., M.H.A., director of AHEC and CHS

Nancy E. Wilcox, executive assistant

J. Michael Yeager, administrative coordinator

30 years

David E. Brown, D.O., associate professor of family medicine

Paul E. Cadamagnani, D.O., professor of internal medicine

Peter B. Dane, D.O., associate dean for predoctoral education

Joseph T. Eastman, Ph.D., professor of anatomy

Lenard G. Presutti, D.O., associate professor of family medicine

Harold C. Thompson, D.O., assistant professor of emergency medicine


OU-COM Intradepartmental Award Programs

Academic affairs Outstanding Employees of the Year (2008)

Deborah J. Woods, Residency Program Advisory Committee Education Day director

Pam Henderson, B.S.N., Clinical Training and Assessment Center supervisor

Administrative and Financial Services Outstanding Employee Awards (2008-09 Biannual)

Beth Maxon,  human resources and administrative services director (December 2008)

Rebecca S. Vinson, accounting associate  (July 2009)

AHEC and Community Health Programs Recognition Program (2008)

Mary K. McPherson, CFHS Perinatal Program nurse coordinator

Department of Biomedical Sciences Outstanding Employee Award (2009)

Kathy S. Gossett, administrative assistant

Department of Family Medicine Award of Excellence (2009)

David C. Eland, D.O., professor of OMM

Tracy Lynne Marx, D.O., assistant professor of family medicine

Martha A. Simpson D.O., assistant professor of family medicine

Department of Geriatric Medicine/Gerontology Award of Excellence (2009)

Deborah Meyer, Ph.D., geriatric medicine/gerontology administrator

Office of Medical infomatics Outstanding Employee of the Year (2008)

Cory B. Lewis, technical services specialist

Office of Research and Grants Annual Award (2009)

Victor K. Heh, Ph.D., biostatistician

Student and Professional Support and Relations Annual Recognition Program (2008)

Michelle L. Kittle, administrative coordinator (Classified Employee Award)

Collette M. McLemore, assistant director multicultural programs (Administrative Employee Award)


Ohio University Awards

Ohio University Classified Senate Employee of the Month Program (2009)

Rosemary S. Butcher, administrative coordinator, January recipient

Jill A. Richmond, administrative assistant, April recipient

Traci L. Winchell, administrative associate, July recipient


Ohio University Administrative Senate Outstanding Administrator Award (2009)

Beth Maxon, human resources and administrative services director


External Awards

AACOM Excellence in Communication Awards

Six awards to OU-COM Office of Communication


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