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Research Day 2007

by Kevin M. Sanders
Oct. 4, 2007

The success of the college’s Research Day on Sept. 21 was demonstrated by its growth. The sixth annual Research Day featured 54 poster presentations — eight more posters than last year. Forty-one students participated in the 30 student projects; 24 posters were by faculty.  

Also this year, the Office of Research and Grants created a new student summer research program, the Early Research Experience Fellowship, which added to the number of students who presented posters on Research Day. 

This year, there were 18 student clinical posters, up from 12 last year. There were 12 basic science posters, up from eight last year.  Students participating in the Research and Scholarly Advancement Fellowship and Early Research Experience Fellowship programs contributed 10 clinical posters. Nine of the 12 basic science posters resulted from student participation in these programs.

“Research Day this year was the biggest and best yet,” said R.V. Balaji, M.B.A., grants development coordinator for the Office of Research and Grants.

“Most of the medical schools are moving in the direction of having more of their students’ time invested in research. The environment we are creating here allows students and faculty to brainstorm and collaborate in research efforts. That’s great.”

Judging clinical projects were Michael Gerardo, D.O. (’01), M.P.H.; Stevan Walkowski, D.O. (’89); Mitchell Silver, D.O. (’89); Jane Hamel-Lambert, M.B.A., Ph.D.; and Leonard Calabrese, D.O. Basic science judges were Mark Berryman, Ph.D.; Audrone Biknevicius, Ph.D.; Ken Goodrum, Ph.D.; and Susan Williams, Ph.D.

Two awards were given for the top clinical posters:

  • Correlation Between a Scoring System for Radiographic Fecal Loading and Clinical Definition for Constipation” by Steven Walston and Michael Finamore (Faculty Mentor: Jen-Tzer Gau, M.D., Ph.D.)

  • “Non-Operative Treatment of Spondylolysis and Grade I Spondylolisthesis in Children and Young Adults: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies” by Guy Klein (Mentor: Charles Mehlman, D.O. (’89), M.P.H.)

The top basic science poster was awarded to “The Effect of an Antioxidant Diet on Renal Function in the Obese Type 2 Diabetic Obese Zucker Rats” by Edwin Jackson and Sayo Oshogwmemoh (Faculty Mentor: Sharon Inman, Ph.D.).

The winners received $200 cash prizes.

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