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Heritage College contributes to another dino breakthrough

(ATHENS, Ohio ó Oct. 17, 2014) A faculty member from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine has contributed to a significant new finding about dinosaur breathing.

Lawrence M. Witmer, Ph.D., who is an anatomy professor, Chang professor of paleontology, and director of anatomical resources at the college, was one of the authors of a study published online Oct. 14 in the journal Anatomical Record. The lead author of the paper, Jason M. Bourke, is a doctoral student in biology at Ohio University.

In the new paper, the researchers describe how they used three-dimensional modeling to make discoveries about not just how dinosaurs breathed, but also how airflow in their noses helped them cool their brains and detect odors.

Witmer serves as principal investigator on the National Science Foundationís Visible Interactive Dinosaur Project, which provided much of the funding for the research.

Read more about this story on the Ohio University Office of Research Communications Web site.

This is only the latest Heritage College contribution to dinosaur science; in a recently published paper that garnered national media attention, two college faculty members helped identify bones found in a cliff wall in Tanzania as coming from a new species of large dinosaur.

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