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Learn about our projects around the world through our collection of videos. Topics include our education abroad programs, an Ecuadoran water project, chagas disease, reports from the field from our program participants.

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View our online library chronicling diseases that have the biggest impact on world health, including malaria, HIV/AIDS, onchocerciasis, dracunculiasis and tuberculosis.

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We've gathered a rich list of web sites, journals and other resources that cover topics that range from international travel to environmental health.   

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Our Ecuador Facilities

What began in 2000 as a small laboratory and community-based research project in Ecuador to mitigate Chagas disease has now transformed to include a state-of-the-art research center. The Center for Research on Health in Latin America (CISeAL) at Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE) is primed to make a difference around the world, tackling life-threatening infectious and chronic diseases and seeking new discoveries and innovation.

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We've gathered a list of websites that will introduce you to Ecuador. Please note that the content displayed in these links is not endorsed by ITDI or Ohio University, and some of the links may no longer be active.

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