ITDI Student Travel Awards

Paying Your Way

Award Description


To provide students wishing to participate in ITDI-sponsored Education Abroad programs with partial financial assistance to cover travel related expenses through a competitive process.

Nature of the Award:
  • Up to 10 awards will be granted during 2019
  • Up to $500 will be applied towards in-country travel expenses
  • Letter of award in recipient’s file with copy to the Dean or other academic authority as requested
  • This award is not considered financial aid and is not "need based"

Three separate award categories will be available

  • OUHCOM Students:  Students currently enrolled in Years 1 to 4 at OUHCOM or CORE Residency programs
  • Ohio University students:  Undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing
  • Other Students:  Undergraduate, graduate and Medical students from other institutions of higher education.
Eligible programs:
  • Ecuador Tropical Disease Research and Service Learning Program

  • Ecuador Community and Public Health

  • Ecuador Nursing and Medicine

  • Laboratory Internship at CISeAL (Ecuador)

  • Prepare an up to 2000 character essay on the topic listed below, including spaces, and paste it into the appropriate box.
  • Deadline extended to March 1

Submit your application!

Selection process
  • Essays will be evaluated by a panel of ITDI members and students, and scored considering grammar and punctuation, clarity of ideas, overall content and relevance to the topic.
  • A decision e-mail will be emailed to the applicant two weeks after the deadline.
  • Award will be contingent on actual participation in the program and cannot be used to pay for program deposits.
  • Awards are not transferable and can not be deferred.

Essay Topic for the 2019 competition:

Why is an international experience important for shaping your education?

Funds for this travel award program are provided by ITDI.