Logistics and Safety

What You Need to Know


We will travel in rented 4X4 vehicles (Budget Rental Car) or Mini buses. Each vehicle will be equipped with two-way radios and cellular telephones. Bilingual Ecuadorian research assistants will assist us in everything . We will stay in a variety of different accommodations, including hotels and hostels which will be chosen in regard to both safety and cost.

Safety & Security:

  A large portion of the financial resources and the efforts by the Ecuadorian staff and faculty are focused on ensuring the safety of the participants. Research locations and logistics are carefully planned to maximize the safety of the group. Although previous workshops have not experienced any major problems, participants are encouraged to be mindful of the following recommendations (just common sense travel tips): (1) luggage should be locked at all times in airplanes, hotels and vehicles; (2) carry only small amounts of currency in your pockets for occasional personal expenditures; (3) conceal the location of passport and other important documents; (4) do not put cameras or expensive equipment in your luggage for international flights; (5) observe new travel regulations (they are changing all of the time) regarding items not allowed in carry-on luggage; (6) do not accept to carry packages from strangers ; (7) do not leave your personal effects/luggage unattended; (8) do not disclose details on lodging or route plans to strangers (even other international travelers); (9) avoid crowds and very crowded places; (10) do not get separated from the group; always remain close to an Ecuadorian staff member carrying communication equipment; (11) never buy food from street vendors.  Additional recommendations will be made during the orientation in Quito.

Airline Tickets:

 Participants are responsible to arranging their own transportation to Quito, Ecuador.

Arrival in Quito: 

Since participants may arrive from different destinations in the USA and other countries using different airlines and at different dates, arrangements will made for pickup at the airport in Quito by the Ecuadorian staff. Similarly, arrangements will be made for transport to the airport at time of departure.