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Community and Public Health in Ecuador


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Application Deadline: February 15, 2018

This program explores public health issues in Ecuador. The program travels to communities in rural and urban Ecuador in the Andean region, in the Amazon region and in cities such as Quito, Manta, and Banos.  You will visit public and private hospitals, talk to local health officials, learn about natural healing in the rainforest, and be involved with a needs assessment or collecting data.

Participants will learn to describe major public health issues (tropical, infectious, and chronic) in rural and urban Ecuador. They will learn about the structure of the Ecuadorian public and private health systems. Students will also be able to articulate appropriate intervention responses to various health needs and may assist with data collection, intervention development, and or/evaluation.

Excursions and activities:

Students will engage in sightseeing in Quito, stay with a family in the Amazon, hike to a waterfall, go shopping at the Indigenous market in Otavalo, stop at the equator, and spend a day at the beach.

Course options:

Hlth 4930 - 4 credit independent study

Hlth 6930 - 4 credit indepent study


The program dates for 2018 are Friday, May 18 to Saturday, June 2, 2018. 

Students book their own airfare to Quito, where they are transferred to a hosteria.  The following is a quick overview of activities:

-4 nights in Quito

-2 nights in Tena

-1 night in Machacuyacu

-1 night in Banos

-4 nights in BAhia

-2 nights in Mindo

-1 night in Otavalo

Funding Opportunities:

  1. OU-Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine STUDENTS can apply to 
    Global Health Travel Awards

  2. All participants can apply to the  ITDI Student Travel Award

  3. OU Students can apply to the  Office of Global Opportunities Funding Awards

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Contact Information:

Tania B. Basta, Ph.D., MPH, CHES                                   Office of Global Health Programs                                                               Grover Center E118
(740)593-4681                                                                  (740)593-2359


Useful Information:

Podcast series about the ITDI project
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Guidelines for Ethical Practice
The OHIO-Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine has adopted the AAMC’s “Guidelines for Premedical and Medical Students Providing Patient Care During Clinical Experiences Abroad”.

Other resources

Ecuador Links
Information about Ecuador: News and Media, Tourism, Cities, Culture, etc.

Infectious Disease Links
Information about protozoan, bacterial, Viral diseases and relevant organizations

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