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Education Abroad Programs in Ecuador

Learn About the World by Exploring It 

Our education abroad programs provide opportunities to learn about yourself while learning about the world.

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Community and Public Health

Activities involve public health needs assessment, intervention development, health service delivery observation, and cross-cultural comparisons.

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Tropical Disease Research Program and International Research Training Course

Aimed at bridging the theory-practice gap by employing labs and classrooms to operationalize knowledge and evaluate its capacity to improve the health and well being of populations in need through field interventions.

Tropical Disease Research Program

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Nursing in Ecuador

Students combine community-based observations and discoveries with clinical experiences. This program is designed to move beyond the clinical: to recognize the multi-faceted aspects of health. Students gain firsthand knowledge of the healthcare system in Ecuador, discuss the impact of international health goals, experience the culture in Ecuador.

Nursing in Ecuador

Ecuador bio sciences internship

Biological Sciences Internships

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Financing Your Trip

The ITDI offers up to ten awards for students wishing to participate in one of the ITDI sponsored Education Abroad programs through a competitive process. Any student applying for the program is eligible to recieve a scholarship including Heritage College of Osteopathic Students, Ohio University undergraduate students in good standing, and other students from institutes of higher education. 

Financing Your Trip