Society of Alumni and Friends

About Us

Alumni Board

Our Mission

In support of Ohio University’s Vision and Goals, the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Society of Alumni and Friends, in concert with Ohio University Alumni Association, informs, engages and serves the University’s current and future alumni and friends.

Our Vision

Every Alumnus is a partner in the life of Ohio University.

Our Goals

  • Increase alumni participation in the life of the College.
  • Develop an effective committee structure that will support the initiatives of the College and the University.
  • Increase alumni awareness of the academic mission of the College and University and support its development, admissions and alumni networking efforts.
  • Provide a direct means by which the alumni of the Heritage College can actively participate in the affairs of the College and University and foster deeper support of the institution.
  • Gather and share information about our alumni to demonstrate and recognize the accomplishments of our graduates.
  • Promote and advance the reputation, prestige and well-being of the institution.
  • Provide a stronger liaison between alumni and the College, including student, faculty and administration.
  • Increase alumni philanthropic support of the Heritage College.
  • Instill a life-long commitment by students and new graduates to alumni responsibilities for the College and University.
  • Develop communication that creates a sense of urgency in the minds of our graduates.
  • Increase overall volunteer opportunities for alumni.

Society of Alumni and Friends Board of Directors


Timothy D. Law, Sr., D.O. (’94), MBA

Vice President

Jennifer L. Gwilym, D.O. (‘03) 

Immediate Past President

Gregory Hill, D.O. (’86), FAOAO

Board of Directors

Jane T. Balbo, D.O. (’07)
Mark A. Foglietti, D.O. (’82)
Adan A. Fuentes, D.O. (’03)
Jennifer L. Gwilym, D.O. (’03)
Michael B. Knable, D.O. (’86)
Bryan P. Kuns, D.O. (’86)
Lauren W. Mazzurco, D.O. (’08)
Charles T. Mehlman, D.O. (’89), FAOAO, MPH
Mayur M. Pandya, D.O. (’02)
Robert C. Polite, D.O. (’99)
Shelby Raiser, D.O. (Friend)
John F. Ramey, D.O. (’92)
Georgenna Riley, D.O. (’95)
Jennifer A. Roncone, D.O. (’01)
Mitchell J. Silver, D.O. (’89), FACC, FABVM

Jared C. Storck, D.O.

Sergio A. Ulloa, DO (‘07)

Thomas W. Wagner, D.O. (’98)
Tyree M. Winters, D.O. (’07)
Larry J. Witmer, D.O. (’97)

Resident Representative

Ashley B. Simpson, D.O. (’10)

Student Representative

Simon Fraser, OMS IV ('15)

Ex-Officio Members of the Board 

Kenneth H. Johnson, D.O., Executive Dean
William J. Burke, D.O. (’88), Dean of Dublin
Isaac J. Kirstein, D.O., Dean of Cleveland

Laura Whitt, MS
Interim Director of Alumni Affairs
Executive Secretary of the Society of Alumni and Friends