Prematriculation Program

Center of Excellence for Multiculutral Medicine

Prematriculation Program

Prematriculation is a four-week summer program offered by the Center for Multicultural Medical Education and designed to facilitate entry of underrepresented minority students (Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, and any Asian other than Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Asian Indian or Thai)  and Appalachian students who have been accepted for admission to the Heritage College into the Year 1 class.

Program Components

The Prematriculation Program offers courses in physiology, microanatomy, biochemistry, critical writing in medicine, medical terminology and immunology.

Other segments of the program include learning specialists workships on:

  • study strategies for medical school
  • time management
  • test taking for medical school
  • peer mentors/tutoring
  • academic support throughout the program
  • financial aid workshops
  • presentations to enhance the students’ knowledge of the COM/university/Athens community
  • individual and academic counseling throughout the program