Clinical and Community Experiences

Pre-Clinical Education


Innovative learning and compassionate care

The Clinical and Community Experiences Program exemplifies the mission of innovative learning and compassionate care at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. CCE prepares first- and second-year medical students for clinical rotations and practice by integrating basic science fundamentals and clinical skills, with an emphasis on primary care for underserved Ohioans.

From the first term of the first year, students are regularly placed in the clinical arena with physicians and other health care providers as they encounter the public. They are given an opportunity to see the real world of medicine, to practice some of their clinical skills, to develop communication abilities and to associate with members of their profession who will soon be their colleagues. In addition to the development of clinical and psychosocial skills, the CCE Program enhances the medical student’s awareness of the cultural, economic and social issues that affect health care delivery and health behavior.

This CCE Webpage is designed to introduce the Year I and II medical student to the CCE program. Descriptions of the various aspects of the program, agency listings and objectives/activities and evaluations and assignment forms are included. The CCE Program in Southeast Ohio is funded in part by the Area Health Education Center and participants serve as AHEC clinical training sites. Successful completion of CCE assignments is required for graduation from Heritage College.

It will be necessary for all students to drive to some CCE experiences; access to a reliable means of transportation is required.