Community Outreach


Outreach Outreach Mission : To provide diabetes-related education and community services to the Appalachian community.

Outreach Emphasis:

  • Free diabetes clinics
  • Community education and screening clinics
  • Referral resources for uninsured and low income clients to monitor and control disease
  • Continuing education for health care professionals
  • Diabetes Coalition for diabetes educators
  • Community experiences for student in health professions

Community Health Programs

The Heritage College's Community Health Programs has many programs and clinics that support the Diabetes Institute's Community Outreach mission.  Programs such as the free clinic, patient navigation and vision care provide community services to the Appalachian community.

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Diabetes Free Clinic

The Heritage Community Clinic offers a free Diabetes Clinic monthly to qualifying low-income, unisured and under-insured adults. Free blood tests, foot exams, eye screenings and education are provided to patients with diabetes.

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