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Family Navigator Child Services

Finding resources for your child and you 

Family Navigator-Child Services are available for children under age 8 with developmental delays, behavior difficulties, and autism concerns. A pediatric certified RN provides education and screens for concerns through an extensive parent interview. The Family Navigator Program is the gateway to the Southeastern Ohio Interdisciplinary Assessment Team, an Ohio University-Nationwide Children’s Hospital collaborative clinic, held monthly in Athens, Ohio. Physicians, schools, early intervention agencies, and other providers may refer to the program by faxing the Family Navigator Referral form to 740.593.0089.  Parents may self-refer by contacting Sue Meeks, RN-BC at 740.593.9534. 

The Family Navigator Program provides the following services:

  • Screen children for signs of developmental delays
  • Screen children for signs of autism spectrum disorders
  • Provide parents with development, parenting, diagnostic and social-emotional education
  • Provide families with referral options, follow up services, and access to the SE Ohio Interdisciplinary Assessment Team, a monthly multi-disciplinary clinic partnering local service providers with development and Autism Spectrum Disorder specialists from Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Provide information for services for children with a history of traumatic events


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For more information about the Family Navigator Program, please call us at 800.844.2654 or 740.593.9534. 

Pregnancy Care

pregnancy exam

Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy

Registered nurses provide care, support and education to medicaid-eligible pregnant women. Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy provides links to social services such as housing, transportation, WIC, quitting smoking, and many others. The program also assists with medical services such as primary care medical homes for mothers and their families, mental health support, and vision and dental appointments.

Our registered nurses work together, offering services at no cost to qualified participants.  We meet clients on a monthly basis at their physician appointments, their homes, or any place that is comfortable and convenient for them. The overall goal of the Pathways program is to provide women with support throughout pregnancy and the post-partum period, leading to the ultimate goal of a healthy pregnancy outcome.

M.O.M.S. Project

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For more information about Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy, please call us at 740.593.9780 or 740.593.0037. 

Teen Services

Reproductive health education and resources

Family Navigators provide education, resources, and referrals about reproductive health and birth control options for teens. Pregnant teens in the Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy Program are given the additional support of school visits during study hall, with education tailored to encourage goal setting and school success.

We can also help teens of any gender get established with a pediatrician or other primary care provider, assist with appointment setting, and help to obtain gas vouchers or transportation.

Please contact us for more information or with questions. You may also make a referral for yourself or someone else to the program by calling 740.593.9780.

Diabetes Care

RN Diabetes Navigator

The Diabetes Navigator works with patients to overcome barriers to successful disease management.  Assistance is tailored to the needs of each person, and can include problems with insurance coverage, transportation, mental health, medical-legal issues, and general understanding of medications and the physician’s plan of care. A dedicated RN provides one-on-one support to help coordinate all of the services needed to promote improved health outcomes. The navigator works with physicians and other providers to coordinate care, improve communication, and promote self-care and management in a client focused environment.

More information:

CDC Diabetes website
Healthy website

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For more information, please contact the Diabetes Patient Navigator at 740.593.0044.