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BABY & ME - Tobacco Free Program

BABY & ME - Tobacco Free Program

  • Are you pregnant? 
  • Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Do you want a healthy pregnancy and baby?
  • Do you want to quit but haven't been able to?

BABY & ME Tobacco Free Now there is free help available moms who quit smoking and stay quit can earn up to $300 worth of free diapers!

BABY & ME - Tobacco Free is a smoking cessation program for pregnant and post-partum women. The program provides specialized one-on-one counseling before and after your baby is born, to help you quit tobacco and stay quit.  As an incentive, diaper vouchers are given to those who remain smoke free. Funded by the Ohio Department of Health Child and Family Health Services Program.  BABY & ME Tobacco Free Program has received national acclaim for its effectiveness.


  • Enroll in the BABY & ME - Tobacco Free Program and participate in the four prenatal quit smoking sessions.
  • Quit smoking and stay quit during your pregnancy.
  • Agree to take a monthly breath test to prove you are tobacco free.
  • Stay smoke free after your baby is born and receive a $25 monthly voucher for free diapers up to twelve months.

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For more information about the BABY & ME - Tobacco Free Program, please call us at 800.844.2654 or 740.593.2481.