Choose Ohio First Scholarship


Primary care scholarships for Heritage College medical students

Awards funded through the Choose Ohio First program (through the Ohio Board of Regents) will  provide a $30,000 Scholarship  to offset tuition costs for students who plan to enter primary care practice and commit contractually to staying in the state of Ohio for three years after completion of an Ohio primary care residency. The award recipients must attend a participating medical school and remain committed to an eligible area of primary care. 

Choose Ohio First


To apply for this funding you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • In 2019-2020, you must be a full time student in good standing enrolled at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Must be an Ohio resident at the time that the award is granted. Ohio resident will be defined for the purpose of this award as a student who attended high school in the State of Ohio and considered to be a life-long resident of Ohio. Ohio residents who do not meet this definition will be considered in exceptional circumstances and must document significant time or ties in Ohio.
  • Must have evidence of a pattern of community service prior to application (and in medical school if the scholarship is granted at an advanced level of enrollment).
  • Must commit to practice primary care in Ohio for no less than 3 years after residency.
  • Must agree to accept Medicaid patients while in practice.
  • Must do residency in Ohio in family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, medicine/pediatrics, 
  • You must maintain academic and professional excellence as determined by the Heritage College’s Committee on Student Progress.   

Other important information about this funding:

First generation and low income students will be given special consideration.

This award is a scholarship that is tied to primary care as indicated above.  If the student does not remain in compliance with the terms of the scholarship agreement to practice primary care in the State of Ohio, the scholarship must be repaid.

Funding for this scholarship is announced annually. Previous recipients of this scholarship are given preference for future awards as long as they maintain eligibility. 

This award will be considered part of the awarded student’s financial aid package, which could reduce the amount of federal loans that the student is eligible to receive.   

(The funds for the 2019-20 academic year have yet to be determined. We hope to hear about future funding after July 2019. Once we hear, we will send out an email to all students to apply for this scholarship if interested.)   


For more information about the Choose Ohio First program, please contact us here

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program Continuing Medical Students

Requirements include first generation college students from Appalachian counties in Ohio with financial need.  There is no specific paper or online application process. The financial aid office will screen the students on eligibility for this scholarship as well as verifying financial need.