Financial Aid Presentations

Financial Aid

Special Presentations for the Class of 2023

Below are links to three PowerPoint presentations which provide information about applying for financial aid for 2019-20. The presentations have audio embedded so make sure that your speakers are on when watching the presentations . You should watch all these presentations before you start the process of applying for financial aid. When you first click on the links, a box will appear and ask you if you want to open or save. Click "open". This may take a couple of minutes to load. Once the power point opens, click slide show and then click from beginning. If you have trouble hearing this, you may need to turn up the volume on your computer's control panel.

(The below presentations are based on 18-19 information. Will be updated for 19-20 soon.)

Loans and Miscellaneous Information

This presentation covers information about financial aid packages and what federal student loan programs are available to you.

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Scholarship Information

This presentation focuses on the Heritage College scholarship application process.

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Financial Aid Application Process and Miscellaneous Information

You should only watch this presentation after watching the presentation on Loans and the presentation on applying for scholarships.

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