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Psychiatry & Neurology Club

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Our Mission

To promote the matching of members into psychiatry and neurology residencies by:

  • Creating a fun atmosphere that gets people excited for these fields
  • Hosting events that facilitate growth of members' professional connections and clinical experience

Officers, 2021-2022


Ryan Atwell                            

Vice President

Joseph Miller                                   


Ashley Aslo


Frank Chen                                 

Community Outreach

Hannah Trent                        

Psych Research Chair

Ravitej Atluri                              

Neuro Research Chair           

Jackson Mittlesteadt

Andrea Brunson


Dues: $25 annually

Services Provided

This organization will improve local awareness of the many (often stigmatized) neurological and psychiatric diseases. This has never been more important, as studies have shown that both getting COVID, and the ramifications of living in a world limited by COVID, have led to a large increase in neurological and psychiatric diseases. We will also work to promote inclusion of the osteopathic principles of treating the mind, body and spirit into these medical subspecialties. The specifics and logistics are yet to be confirmed/finalized, but there have been talks of getting involved with the local Alzheimer's association as well. 

Tentative Schedule 2021-2022

Week 1: Information week
Week 2: Fun, relevant social event to get people excited and coming back for more events; apparel sale
Week 3/4: Neuro review session
Weeks not yet determined: Psychiatric panel of guest speakers, neurologic panel of guest speakers, psych literature review, neurology literature review, community outreach event

The second semester will likely be similar in format, but trading the information meeting for a second community outreach event.