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Student Osteopathic Medical Association

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Our Mission

The mission of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association, a student affiliate organization of the AOA, is to amplify the voices of osteopathic medical students to the AOA and the public on matters relating to health care and medical student education while also: (1) uniting osteopathic medical students and developing a national network of socially and politically minded student leaders; (2) reinforcing osteopathic principles and practices and promoting unity within the profession; and (3) supporting the multifaceted education of osteopathic physicians-in-training.

Officers, 2021-2022 




Hannah Trent


Vice President  


Austin Miller


Treasurer and OPTF  


Jessica Pickard

Dues: $0 annually (National dues are paid separately)

Services Provided

SOMA offers many opportunities to engage in leadership, health care policy and social and volunteer events. Additionally, SOMA is committed to professional networking and friendships. In order to cultivate your leadership skills, SOMA offers members opportunities to serve in local and national organizational positions. SOMA allows the student voice to be heard through writing resolutions and attending national conventions to influence health care policy. SOMA offers you the opportunity to network with your peers while giving back to the community through volunteer events. Finally, SOMA offers members exclusive discounts on board prep materials and study tools, along with scholarships and travel funds.

Tentative Schedule for 2021-2022

Our organization consists of both campus-specific and national events, and we plan on focusing on food insecurity this year. We plan on having a guest speaker in nutrition, having an officers' meeting and co-sponsoring an event with Lifestyle Medicine club. We also plan on hosting a virtual naloxone training or getting a group together to volunteer at Food is Health.