Association of Women Surgeons

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Our Mission

The Association of Women Surgeons is an international not-for-profit educational and professional organization.

The mission of the Association of Women Surgeons is to inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals.


Officers 2019 - 2020


Taylor Watkins


Dues:  $25 annually

Services Provided

AWS addresses the unique challenges that women surgeons face such as:
  - Balancing family issues with the demand of a surgical career
  - Pay equity issues
  - The lack of women in leadership positions

AWS has been a leader in providing mentorship at all surgical levels to both men and women

 - To promote professional growth and development
 - To enhance and facilitate interaction among women surgeons throughout the world
 - To foster an environment supportive of personal values and individual diversity
 - To advance the highest standards of competence and ethical behavior

Tentative Schedule for 2019 - 2020

Suture Clinics with Surgery & Sports Medicine Club
Skills Lab with Surgery & Sports Med Club
Speaker Series featuring local surgeons
Speed-Mentor Program in the Spring - funding via fall fundraiser 
Residency Panel/ Q&A Session in the Spring