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Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association

Our Mission

The Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA) is the official students section of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS). SOSA was established to provide a means for students interested in the surgical specialties to participate in the activities and governance of the ACOS. The purpose of SOSA is to represent and educate future osteopathic surgeons through local chapters of SOSA at colleges of osteopathic medicine. The fundamental principles of student education in surgery include:

  • Stressing the understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery;
  • Helping to promote education in the field of surgery, including gowning and gloving, scrubbing, sterile technique, suturing and tying techniques, operating room behavior, instrumentation, universal precautions, osteopathic manipulative management of the surgical patient, pre and post-operative management of surgical patients, and surgical documentation;
  • and providing a forum for discussion amongst students and surgeons.

Officers 2019-2020


Amelia Chapman

Vice President

Nicholas Pelz

Dues:    $15 Annually

Services Provided

   1. Student Portal – an online community filled with resources. Students can apply for membership, register for conferences, apply for scholarships and participate in discussion forums with students from over 30 colleges of osteopathic medicine.
   2. Scholarships –outstanding students can apply for a variety of scholarships in the areas of education and travel ($250) and community service ($250).
   3. Mentorship Program – the “Mentor Match” program is a mentoring resource for students to receive guidance from a mentor throughout the year. Students who participate in the “SOSA Speed Mentoring” event, held during the Fall SOSA convention, connect with ACOS surgical program directors and directors of medical education through a quick and fun speed mentoring session. Through these mentoring programs, students are able to expand their network and learn from the very best in our osteopathic surgical community.
   4. Professional Development - SOSA holds two conferences each year, a Spring and Fall Conference. The Spring conference is generally held at a college of osteopathic medicine and the Fall conference is held in conjunction with the ACOS’s Fall convention (ACA). Attendees of SOSA’s Fall conference can also attend ACOS educational programs in the specialties of cardiothoracic and general vascular, general, neurological, plastic and reconstructive, proctological, and urological surgery.
   5. Scientific Poster Presentations – Students are invited to present outstanding scientific research as a poster during the ACOS Fall conference (ACA) and receive awards of up to $500!
   6. Advocacy - Students are encouraged to get involved in ACOS advocacy efforts. Students have access to legislative and regulatory updates that outline the College’s positions and advocacy activities we are engaged in. We encourage you to join the movement.

Tentative Schedule for 2019-2020

This year, we plan to hold suture clinics, scrub-in labs, and dexterity skills development with the Surgery and Sports Medicine Club.