Dermatology Interest 

Student Organizations Cleveland

Our Mission

Dermatology Interest is a student organization that allows its members to gain a better appreciation for the specialty of dermatology. 

Officers 2019-2020


Brittany Snyder

Vice President

Katie Basch


Patty Diaz


Anton Yasinchak

Dues: $10, collected annually

Services Provided

The organization provides educational services to the members of its club and plans to actively educate students and the public on the safety of skin care.

Tentative Schedule for 2019-2020

We plan to create case files for students to test their knowledge on skin diseases in a group setting. We plan to coordinate with other organizations to create events highlighting the specialty of dermatology and its integration into other specialties. We also plan to collaborate with other organizations in hopes of educating the community on the importance of skin care. Additional opportunities for this organization include a comprehensive, dermatological case-based review to conclude the academic year.