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Christian Medical and Dental Association

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Our Mission

Christian Medical and Dental Association motivates, educates and equips Christian health care professionals to glorify God. This will be done by serving with professional excellence as witnesses of Christ's love and compassion to all people while also advancing biblical principles of health care within the church and to our culture.    

Officers 2020-2021


Ariana Cucci                                        

Vice President & Treasurer

Emma Staley                             


Carolyn Coughlin                                       


Dues: No dues

Services Provided

The focus of Cleveland CMDA is on growing and maintaining our personal relationship with Jesus and one another, and encouraging each other in our faith and through the challenges of medical school. With this goal in mind, our most important events are our weekly Bible study meetings. Our other events this year will have a focus on community service and fostering fellowship among our classmates. Upcoming events will seek to form connections with service organizations and faith-based clinics in the area, as well as other local CMDA organizations.  

Schedule for 2020-2021

  • Weekly Bible study each Wednesday at noon; we will be studying the book of James and Psalms
  • Volunteering at a faith-based health clinic
  • Community outreach events with local service organizations
  • Monthly evening meetings/social events for club members
  • Global Missions Health Conference (November 12-14, 2020) - Louisville, KY
  • NEOCMDA Winter Retreat - October or November
  • CCHF Conference (March 26-28, 2021) - Cincinnati, OH
  • NEO CMDA Celebration Dinner (May 2021)

The events that need funding will be funded independently by each student with the help of the Northeast Ohio CMDA chapter.