Office of Rural and Underserved Programs

Preparing medical students for practice in underserved areas

The Office of Rural and Underserved Programs established the Rural and Urban Scholars Pathways (RUSP) Program for first through fourth year medical students who are interested in underserved rural and urban health. The goal of the RUSP program is to help students acquire the essential understanding, skills, attitudes and additional competencies needed to practice in underserved settings anywhere – rural or urban. 


Enhancing Patient-Centered Primary Care Curriculum 

The Office of Rural and Underserved Programs will work to expand and enhance the patient-centered primary care curriculum (PCPCC) to attract students to primary care and build competencies among preclinical students, residents and clinical faculty in interprofessional care. The focus will be on evidenced-based, outcome-focused medical practice; patient and community engagement and empowerment; clinical informatics; and quality improvement.


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