Community Engagement

Office of Rural and Underserved Programs

Engaging with Underserved Communities

We work in partnership with rural and underserved communities to increase access to healthcare, reduce health disparities, and promote health in rural and underserved communities.  For example, we collaborate with faculty members in the school of Nursing at Ohio University to  partner with community members in  New Straitsville, Ohio.   Since 2015 our office has been working with a group of local residents to achieve their vision of bringing primary care to southern Perry county.  We have partnered with them to survey residents on their health priorities, raise awareness of local health needs and services and assist with submitting a collaborative grant proposal. 

RUSP team


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Ecuador delegates

Delegates from Ecuador visit Ohio

A Community Leadership Group from New Straitsville talks with international delegation from Catholic University in Quito, Ecuador about community-based health initiatives.

people meeting

Delyn Health and Wellness Team Meets

The Delyn Community Health and Wellness Committee held a meeting in New Straitsville. RUSP students Grant Gase and Sarah Castiglia have been active team members, working to increase access to care in the Little Cities of the Black Diamonds region. Hopewell Health Center COO Sherry Shamblin helped the team think about how to create a space for interprofessional education and service delivery. Cory Cronin from CHSP Social and Public Health brings a health administration perspective. Eliza Harper from the Ohio University School of Nursing led the team. NS Council President Patti Spencer, County EMA Director Rita Spicer and Assistant Fire Chief Tim Warren and Joe Maroon are dedicated community leaders in this effort. HAPCAP's Lena Osbourne and Nathan are developing grant proposals and working with the architects to plan a design for the new space. What a privilege to be able to work with this group of dedicated people. Thanks to everyone.

delyn building

Restoring the Historic Delyn Building

The historic Delyn building was built in the center of New Straitsville in 1921. The Delyn, once a central feature in the community, is now owned by the village.  It has been a movie house, bingo hall and basketball arena.  Many generations in the region have fond memories of this building.  The community is working hard to raise money to restore the building and once again reopen it for community events and a health and wellness center, in partnership with Ohio University. 

historic delyn building