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 RUSP Professional Development Opportunities

  Fall Semester  

10/5     Specialties of Primary Importance to Rural Communities
Join special guest Dr.  Michael Sarap in exploring rural practice options
           Location:  Stagecoach Famiy Practice, Logan

10/16   Telehealth in Rural and Underserved Urban Settings
           Join Dr. Mark Rood for a discussion on benefits and challenges of telehealth in rural and urban                       underserved settings.
           Location:  Cleveland Campus, VC at other campuses  

10/23  Interrupting the -Isms: Sex, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
           Practice intervening on issues of discrimination based on sex, gender identity and sexual
           orientation. Co-sponsor: Office of Inclusion.
           Location:  All Campuses 

10/29   Knowledge is Power: Having Research tools in Your (Doctor) Bag of Tricks
           Learn about research and scholarly activity with Dr. Kurt Strange, premiere researcher and                             internationally known. 
           Location:  Cleveland Campus; VC to other campuses

11/5     Understanding the Experience of Living in Under-resourced Communities
           Experience the challenges of living with limited resources through role-play. 
           Location:  Dublin Campus 

11/14   Direct Primary Care in Rural and Urban Underserved Settings
           A discussion of Direct Primary Care 
           Location:  Dublin Campus, VC at other campuses